Sex Crimes Attorney: Common Crimes and the Resulting Penalties

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After being accused of a sexual crime, you should get a good lawyer. Find out some crimes you may not even know are illegal, and know the penalties to learn why a sex crimes attorney is helpful.

If you are accused of a crime of a sexual nature, it is time to get a lawyer. This is because this type of charge can have lasting consequences that are quite serious. You should learn about some types of criminal activities that are sexual in nature that may surprise you, and then find out why getting a sex crimes attorney is crucial.

One common crime that can result in serious penalties is indecent exposure. This can involve exposing genitals to anyone in public. It may also involve having sexual intercourse in public. If anyone witnesses these acts, they can call the police and you will need to get a sex crimes attorney to represent you.

Another act that you may not think much about is called sexting. This involves sending lewd messages to others via a cell phone, though similar charges can apply when you use other technology, like instant messaging on a computer. If the messages are unwanted, this act could result in serious charges. If they are sent to a minor, even if they are consensual, you could also get in big legal trouble.

An additional crime of a sexual nature is statutory rape. You may not think you are committing this charge just because you are dating someone, not forcing them into a sexual relationship. However, if he or she is under 16 or 18, depending on your state, you could be charged with statutory rape because this is considered the age of consent. In most cases, it is the parent of the minor who presses charges, so even if the person you are dating is fine with the age difference, you may not be in the clear.

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Whether you are accused of these or other acts, the reason you need a sex crimes attorney is because there are many penalties you can face. For example, you will probably get a felony on your record, which usually comes with hefty fines and time in prison. Depending on your crime, you could spend even a decade or more in prison. These are just the most common legal penalties that you probably expect from any charge. However, this type of act may involve other consequences you may not think about, such as becoming a registered sex offender. This means you often cannot live within a certain distance of a school or church, and you may even have to wear a GPS tracking device for several years. You also have to get a new driver’s license that says you are a registered sex offender. These are just some of the most common penalties, so they are not the only ones by far.

Clearly, there are several reasons to get a lawyer’s help after the accusations you face. Fortunately, there are several attorneys available to represent you, in the hopes of getting you out of the charges. Start looking around your city for qualified attorneys directly after the accusation so you have a good chance of finding the best person to represent you.